my child is stubborn he doesn't take interest in writing what to do

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Updated on Apr 21, 2017

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I understand your concern. Your child is in his early years. The usual attention span for a 5-6 year child is no more than 5 minutes at one go. So your child is hardly 4 and to get him to focus will need patience. Here are a few quick tips to deal with this, 1. Enrich your child's surroundings with various learning toys and opportunities to explore, which are related to the concepts taught at school but in a fairly different manner. You could have a writing wall or a writing easel for your child, which he could use any time, and in fact you could let him write anything he wants on it. Writing helps putting one's thoughts out and helps in remembering when in need. 2. Encourage your child to ask queries by writing on the easel/writing wall. Role model by asking what you don't know and by feeling awesome once you found the answer. Try and answer your child's queries, if not immediately at all times, may be in some time, so that your child starts enjoying the interaction associated with enquiry. But do all of this on the easel board/wall. 3. Try and take this behaviour fwd with your child's class teacher as well. She needs to be your partner at this to help your child. 4. Also please do read this blog on handy ideas on the lines of above in this blog. 5. For handwriting please read this - Hope this helps. All the best and do keep us posted.

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