my daughter and son disrespect us and speak abusive language plz help

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Updated on Apr 03, 2017

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Dear Simran, Your son must be picking up the behaviour from his older sister . Your daughter is now teen so her behavior will change. At these ages parents have to be firm about setting rules on language and behaviour. At this age friends books, tv shows and digital media hold more sway than parents. So you have to be patient and find out where this kind of talk or language is coming. Sometimes it may also mean that she undergoing some stress at school- some friendship issue or bullying or teacher related issue. This will help you to resolve the issues. 3. Sometimes it is just a phase of growing up. Set firm rules and consequences. When she talks back, tell firmly that you are not upset with her but you are upset about the way she is talking; so once she calms down you are willing to listen to her. This will reassure her, not immediately but when she calms down. 4. Tell her if she behaves so she will lose some privileges immediately and please follow this action. if you don't children will repeat their behaviour. 5. At this stage you need to behave as a parent and not as a friend. If she ever shouts,'who are you.. how can you..' remind her that you are her mother. 6. When she shouts please do not shout back. Remaining calm will teach her that you have not been disrespectful. Slowly she wlll begin to model your behaviour. Once she changes her brother also will change. 7. Lastly please spend at least 30 minutes solely for her. Or plan a weekend routine just for her and to be with her.

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