my daughter doesn't learn the english spellings how can they learn pl suggest

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Updated on Aug 25, 2017

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Here are a few tips 1. Enrich your child's surroundings with books, interesting trivia, picture books to explore, which, doesn't have to be class syllabus related, but more so on the concepts in a fairly interesting manner with large fonts-words. Encourage book reading Encourage newspaper reading Most newspapers like The Times of India have a children's edition. Play scrabble Teach them the use of a dictionary and the thesaurus. Play games that will help vocabulary building -- example: name counties ending with y / name animals ending with e. Language is built though consistent practise only. Have one parent speak to them in English. Encourage both of them to converse only in English for at least 1 hour. Make it as the English time at home. Your child could also have a writing wall/white board for them, they both could scribble anything they want on it. Writing helps putting one's thoughts out, and it would help your daughter in a big way to also get her spellings right. 2. Encourage her to spell any new word she hear or comes to know of. Make it playful, not necessarily with relation to studies. Role model by asking what you don't know and by sharing the awesome feeling once you found the answer. Try and answer her queries, if not immediately, may be in some time, so that your child starts enjoying the interaction associated with enquiry. Appreciate and encourage the behaviour each time. In fact, make it sound super cool/ awesome kinds. 3. Get your child to try word puzzles/crosswords projects at home in different settings/situations/surroundings. It will help your child build associations and lasting words-spellings. 5. Create a mini spellbee like format at home, and do this turn by turn, where in your child gives you a word to spell and then you could do the same. You could even show her a few videos from the spellbee competitions. Make it playful for her so that she starts enjoying spelling. The quality of writing can be improved through practise only. Everyday set aside 15 minutes for writing. Sit alongside him and do some writing sothat he is encouraged by your behaviour and imitates you. Tips that can help improve : Practise on a white board Practise on a 4 line book. Do not stress on any style. Stress on neatness. So the size of letters and leaving space between words is more important. Children improve as they grow older so please be patient. Please do read this blog for some handy tips to improve writing. All the best and do keep us posted. I hope this helps. I hope these give you some ideas. I hope this helps.

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