My daughter doesn't take milk. Now her weight is 10. 9 kg. her food meal day starts with papaya & banana compulsory thn she will go to play school I pack breakfast like idly ; khesari after coming from school I feed her boiled egg. @1 she has her lunch but very selective eating she sleeps @ evening I give her banana; biscuits ; chapathi or puri-1( small. Size)@ 7 I feed her dinner like curd rice or dal. she even has constipation problem. When I soke raisins she splits it off.

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Updated on Nov 28, 2015

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few suggestions to help her to take milk are You may flavour the milk with natural flavourings like elaichi powder, kesar, dates syrup etc. If the child above 2 years you may use flavoured milk supplements. You may give in the form of fruit shakes like mango/banana/cheeku/apple shake. You may even try giving milk in the form of porridges/kheer/custards. Other alternatives to milk are curd/yogurt, paneer/cheese, buttermilk/lassi, soymilk (above 5 years of age), tofu etc. For more ideas, you may read up the blog on alternatives to milk. Link given below Suggestions for constipation are For constipation both fluid and fiber intake has to be increased. For that Give more water. If the child doesn’t take plain water include fluids like coconut water, , juices, soups etc. Give dals with husk in khichri form or add whole dals/beans/legumes to the soups. Give porridge of dalia, oats, ragi, rice falkes. Alternatively these whole cereals can be used for khichri, uttapam, upma or idlis too. Give plenty of fruits & vegetables. Hard fruits like apple, pear can be given as stew. Fruits like banana, papaya, cheeku be given as it is or in a mashed form. Avoid giving refined cereals/ maida products. Hope this helps.

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