My daughter hits her co players now and then if she finds them going against her wish

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Updated on Jun 26, 2017

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She is just 2? The 2s is a terrible time for both child and parent. The child does not know how to express her emotions. Please do not take her behaviour personally. Age 2 -3 is a trying time for parents. Your child is establishing her independence.She is now discovering the world around her.Hence she he will now think from her level. Her most powerful word will be NO. So you may find her rebellious. Encourage her independence by giving her options to choose from. Do not be too restrictive unless it is harmful. Also do not take her resistance personally. When she is throwing a tantrum, wait it out. Move away. Once she is calm you have to go down to her level, maintain eye contact and explain. Explain the behaviour you expect. Explain that you are not angry or upset with Her but herbehaviour has upset you. She should not hit. When she hits out immediately hold her hands and say a firm No. you need not be loud while saying a No. With patience and love you will handle this phase also. All the best. All the best and do keep us posted. I hope this helps. Please find some tips here- I hope these give you some ideas. I hope these give you some ideas. All the best and do keep us posted.

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