My daughter is 15 and son is 12 how can I balance myself between two of them , sometimes it becomes very difficult to handle the situation as both are into adolescence age . Sometimes both of them become very arrogant if I pay attention to one of them. They both need my attention but it becomes really difficult to handle together at a same time . As both have different taste whether it's concerned with food , their likes and dislikes are also different . Can you suggest some strategies to handle the situation.

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Indeed it is trying time. Develop a routine where you spend exclusive time with both. Have dinner together where you share your personal stories and events of the day. The thumb rule is no arguments at the table but varying opinion is welcome. This will teach listening skills. Have a ritual of an indoor family game or an outdoor ritual in the weekend. You and your husband can share the ritual. One weekend you take your son out while he goes out with the daughter and the following weekend reverse the routine. Love is equal to attention. So give in plenty. This is the stage where they will not tell you but they need authority , guidance and a routine. Be neutral. Use humour especially while talking to your son. They have a lot of stress and peer pressure hence be very supportive. Regarding food have a schedule: Monday - his favourite, Tuesday- hers, Wednesday- husband's,Thursday- yours. The rest I leave it to your imagination.. this way you ensure every one gets their favourite. Have a family cookout day too. You could engage them in the kitchen to make something creative. Do not feel guilty to say that they have to eat what you have cooked. Please read this for some handy tips. I hope these give you some ideas.

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