My daughter is 2 years old. She is behaving very wierd since one week. Whenever she is alone in the room or somewhere she takes off her clothes and touches her private parts. It's not possible to be with her every time. I am very concerned about it. When it started, I asked her many times politely why is she doing this but no answer. Then I have slapped and scolded her several times but she is not stopping this. Please advice what should I do?

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Updated on Sep 14, 2022

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Touching themselves is very common for toddlers, especially at this age as they are exploring themselves. They are exploring their environment as well as their own body. They are very curious at this age. It is important that you not scold her or slap her. The more you do that she will continue or it will lead to shame and guilt which will lead to low self -esteem and low self confidence and fear or anxiety. Talk to her about her body. Tell her in a very factual manner about her body - but be age appropriate. eg. if she is touching her vagina just tell her that this is called a vagina and leave it at that. When you find her touching her private parts instead of telling her not to do so, just redirect her behaviour by asking her to play with a toy or calling her to read a story. What she is doing is natural and normal. Of course do make sure that she is not learning this from someone or copying someone and she is kept safe. Take care.

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