My Daughter is 3. 3 and has been suffering from allergic rhinitis and wheezing for the past one year, ever since she started pre-school. I have allergy issues, but it started only after I turned 20 and is not so chronic. For my daughter, she is either on cetrizine or has to be nebulized with levolin - budecort. Whole of last winters I had to give her Montair Granules, which according to me helped only very little. Can someone suggest, what is the best way to handle such allergies. I keep her away from almost everything that makes her cough, but being protective might not be a good thing to do in the long-run. I want her to lead a normal life like other kids and be able to play in sand, plants.. Just want her to lead a normal life.

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Dear Parent,

When the child catches a cold or a cough, before starting a treatment it is necessary to identify whether it is because of allergy or a viral infection. Both have a different line of treatment. When it is a nasal or a throat allergy, it will generally magnify in early morning hours or late evenings. A doctor will be able to look at the symptoms and diagnose it correctly. But these days, allergies are on the rise because of erratic weather conditions and pollination.
While there is not much you can do about it, you can focus on the child’s diet to boost his immunity. Give him enough fruits and vegetables to eat, along with a couple of dry fruits (provided he doesn’t react to them). There is really no allopathic medicine to boost immunity but some supplements—zinc and Vitamin C—are available that perhaps can help in boosting immunity.
Also, do ensure the child is not anaemic. Children who are majorly on a milk diet lack enough iron in their blood and are prone to anaemia and hence have low-immunity. A simple blood test can spot anaemia. You will need to take corrective actions such as including more iron-rich foods in his diet and consult with a doctor for iron supplements.



Dr. Parmar

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