My daughter is 3year 6 months old, she cries on almost every situation like she wants anything she will cry, if things are not according to her she will start crying i dobt knw hw to handle her

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Updated on Apr 02, 2017

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I understand your concern At every stage children will try to establish their individuality. Being patient and engage in open communication helps. Allowing them to do some things on their own empowers them in a positive manner. Give them decision making options and they will feel important. Involve them in setting rules, consequences and routine. Teach money management by giving a small amount as pocket money for their little purchases. Talking to her about the expected behaviour helps. Also help her to understand various emotions. She may be confused hence she may be crying for everything. Go down to her level, maintain eye contact and tell her firmly but warmly that ,' you do not need to cry for this. You will have to wait till.... to have this. You can choose to have it or not have it if you continue to cry'. if she continues to cry, then let her cry and do not give what she has demanded. If she stops, praise her and give her. As parents we need to set firm rules of expected behaviour and consequence

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