my daughter is 5 years old. she very sensitive. she always says I'm getting bore , what do I do? we need to suggest her every activity. can't play by her own. even she does not have good gelling with other kids. she always seems irritated and cries for everything. please suggest me what to do?

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Updated on Nov 22, 2018

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Do ignore her tantrums. She has got used to manipulating with your emotions. She is old enough now to play with herself and with others. It is alright if she cries. Observe where she is going wrong. Then brainstorm for alternatives. Guide her to understand from others point of view. Invite her friends over and arrange games and activities. Then help her be a team player. Don’t compare. Help her to understand how to play. Seek her solutions too. Children can surprise us. You could look to enrolling her a local library and activities. It is also very ok to be bored. Allow her to have that time. She will find her ways of keeping engaged. Set a routine for her. Allot time slots for play , entertainment, study and revision.

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