My daughter is 6 months old I started her semi solid food with rice mixed with formula and she started having loose motion 4 to 5 times a day what should I do m worried please suggest

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Updated on Sep 25, 2015

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formula milk should only be given as it is and not cooked or mixed with any other food. You should always introduce only one food at a time and in very small amounts. See if the baby is able to toleratethat (no allergy / digestibility). Only then continue with that food. You can cook powdered rice with milk (phirni) or cook rice in milk (dilute with milk) and give. Other options are vegetable soup, fruit juice, well strained and thin. Mashed banana, is another option. But introduce any one of these at a time. Start with one spoon only and gradually increase the amounts. Take care of hygiene while preparing baby food. Hope it helps

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