My daughter is 8 yrs old in a casc school. She is good in covering her syllabus.. I myself teach her.... She is capable. Yet I do y understand why she performs a little less good in her exams... Doing silly mistakes.. She don't give her full concentration there. please help

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Updated on Aug 15, 2015

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whenever we want to engage a child, especially if the child is cranky or crying, what do we do? We distract the child with something which takes his/her attention, hence helping to deviate her attention. Chilldren do that too, when they seek their parent's attention. Help your child understand his concept with examples like, how he can do so well, if he did one thing at a time, completed it with focus and then went to the next one. This is the time when a child is peaking in concepts' development. here are a few tips to help you help your child to improve her concentration levels on a day-to-day basis, and you would need to try these consistently and patiently in a fun manner. 1. Please try a few picture oriented board games with your child, which need him to spot pictures, patterns, in a fun/game manner. A few games on these lines are Pictionary, Picturka (picturka is good especially when there are 3 or more players). 2. Play the "make your own story" while you read out a story to your child, or let him build his own story from half way, with some help initially from you with prompts like - "then what happened... ", "what happened next?"... This will help your child being secure about your time together. 3. drawing, sketching also helps a child improve concentration levels, especially when it's thematic or guided. For e. g. you could ask your child to draw any thing related to what happened in the school today. Encourage him to explain what he has drawn once he is done, and do prompt him with questions like under 2. 4. Music and rhymes can also help in this regard, especially when you and your son can sing a song together, and keep adding to these songs. You could even add signs/expressions/dance while doing this together. Will help your child follow closely improving concentration levels. Hope this helps. hope this helps.

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