my daughter is 9months old. Can upls suggest engaging activities that would keep her busy as well as helpful for the brain development.

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Updated on Sep 16, 2017

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Hi Nidhi Gandhi, I assume that you mean, what all could a 9 months old learn. While 9 months is young, your child's grasp is getting sharper every day, and your child is observing his/her surroundings really well at this stage. So step. 1 is to enrich her surroundings with learningful and interesting toys for your child including building blocks, clay play, walker (if your child hasn't started walking as yet) and more. You could look for these toys with a mark reading "upto 1 year" or "1 year to 2 years old children". Start with the first few to see your child's response and then keep adding more. Moreover, concentrate on interactng with your child and helping her express more and more each day. You could use flash cards to help your child learn about various objects. There's nothing like the real experience for a child, so for e. g. you could spend time with your child in the outdoors or at places and make that experience really full of wonder and learning for your child. Also, please do read this blog for an interesting perspective. Hope this helps. I hope this helps.

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