My daughter is four years old weighing 13 kgs. She looks like 3 yrs. Her food intake is lower than any other 4 yrs old. She eats cornflex with milk in d morning, rice in lunch n dinner. But without dal or vegetables, thrice in a week one piece fish, one piece chicken once in a week. She likes biscuits, butter roti or butter rice. I m worried if she does not take dal or veg then she may be suffers of vitamin or mineral deficiency. She doesn't like sweet dish also.

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Updated on Jun 15, 2015

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Please don't worry and compare your daughter's weight and eating habits with her peers. Weight is not the only indicator of good health. A cheerful active child with normal height is considered healthy. The good thing is that your daughter is eating protein rich sources like fish and chicken. Fish & Chicken are also good sources of vitamins and minerals. Here are few suggestions for her diet. For Breakfast apart from Cornflakes and milk you may try other whole gain cereals like dalia, oats or rice flakes Add dried fruits and nuts to her daily diet. You may introduce pulses as sprouts, besan chila, soy nuggets along with her butter roti/rice. You may even increase her fish/chicken intake to everyday. This will take care of her protein requirements. Add vegetables to her favourite cereals like stuffed butter roti or vegetable pulao instead of plain rice. Increase her fruit intake as they are also good source of vitamins & minerals. If she doesn't like sweet dishes, it is okay. Hope it helps.

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