my daughter is good in academics, good in sports, dance. Her teacher ave never had any complaints with her. but she does not listen to me for day to day small activities like, if i say to her pls open the door,she would not do. pls do skipping or go for swimming as u r short in height. she would not do it. she plays with her younger sister but generally its not peaceful play. her sports coach and also regular doctors hav told to improve her diet... but she would not follow it. her other issue is like if she wants a thing, then wants it, however costly it might be. i become very angry with her as i just don't understand her behaviour. Pls guide me as my tolerance is not much as the other issue that i am facing is of disturbed marriage. but we never have let our children know that.

Created by Neelam
Updated on Aug 18, 2015

education Corner
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