my daughter is not having that much interest in maths.. but she s good n studies and score good marks. but making her sit and do maths is challenging. she doesnt like her maths teacher and so the subject.. this is the answer she gave me.

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Updated on Jul 18, 2017

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Yes it is normal. If children do not like the teacher then they do not like the subject. But you can make math interesting. Use activities to teach her the concepts. There are good YouTube videos for learning math. Use everyday examples. You could try the following to evoke your daughter's interest for math. 1. Children learn from their surroundings, so start with her room, and introduce vaious aspects of math in her room, Something as simple as the corner shelf in her room with her favourite storybooks to having a abbacus in her room are steps in the right direction. 2. Pick examples, problems and discussion from day-to-day life situation. for e. g. on your trip for grocerry shopping, you could introduce your child to the concept of budget and how to work backwards from a set budget to then pick various items as per their price/value. 3. enrolling her in abacus classes will help strengthen her concepts. hope this helps! All the best and do keep us posted. I hope this helps. I hope this helps.

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