My daughter is premature born, around 7 and half months. now she is 4 month old. she is on formula milk form the very start as I was not producing any breast milk.. she cries every time whenever we try to feeds her. she never enjoy drinking formula milk. I just want to know that if I can switch over to cow milk for her?? is it safe ? and how to prepare cow milk for her??? please reply

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Updated on Sep 24, 2018

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If you want to switch over to another milk, then it can be either breast milk or another type of Formula milk but NOT cow's milk. You can always restart breastfeeding, by putting your baby on to the breasts again and again and helping baby to suck by manually pressing your breasts. Initially you may produce few drops but gradually the amount will increase. Even 1-2 feeds in a day will work like wonder. In addition, you can check with your doctor on which other Formula milk you can start with as your baby is not liking the one that you are using. Lastly regarding Cow's milk, it should be used only from 1 year of age as it can cause digestion related problems or allergies or even intestinal bleeding. Babies put on Cow’s milk at an early age are also at risk of developing Iron deficiency. Plus your baby is weak and system is still not fully developed, hence we do not advice the use of Cow's milk.

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