My daughter is turning 3 next month. She has suddenly developed anger issue since we have moved to new city. I understand that her surroundings, friends, her preschool, books and teachers everything has changed but I fail to understand why she hits and shouts at her father, me and the didi who comes to look after her for petty issues e. g she wants to play a new puzzle/toy in a certain way while I "try to show her, how to play" or when she is hungry, she doesn't realize, she asks for food e. g banana I give her the banana as she likes it but she still shouts at the top of her voice and than starts hitting. She was a well behaved kid until we moved. Her father and I have tried to explain that its bad manners, "how would you feel if I hit you?" to "if you stop hitting/shouting we will treat you with an icecream/ if you hit u wont get any chocolates , etc". Now I have started completely ignoring her when she hits/ shouts and I ask her to tell me politely instead. But that too doesn't really seem like helping. what should I do or rather not do to get her politeness back?

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Updated on Oct 19, 2016

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