My daughter is two years old... her weight is just 9 kg.... she doesnt like to eat anything... she likes to take only ragi preparation (germinated ragi n pulses powder) for breakfast lunch n dinner.... how do i change her? I make different recipes for her but she refuses everything.... N she has stomach bloating n incomplete bowel emptying problem.... How do i handle d situation? Pls suggest

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Hi Ashwini,

Your daughter is facing a situation called ‘food jag’ where kids only want to eat one type of food at all the meals day after day. She is just trying to assert her independence by doing so. However, as caring parents, it’s our duty to offer our kids a large variety of nutritious foods to form a balanced diet. Here are a few helpful tips which may help you resolve the situation:
1. Always serve a variety of new foods along with her favourite ones. One day you may be pleasantly surprised to see her trying these.
2. Serve small portions of all the foods so that the child doesn’t feel overwhelmed by seeing too much food.
3. Don’t be perplexed if the child only eats very little of the new food. A couple of spoons is enough to get her started on a new food.
4. Don’t force-feed her with new foods as she will begin to hate them after a power struggle. The child will not go hungry for long even if she eats less at a couple of mealtimes.
5. Prepare meals that look interesting with different colours and textures that please the eyes.
6. Set positive examples by eating all the foods that you want your child to eat. Kids are very likely to try foods that are being eaten and enjoyed b their parents and peers.
7. Make dinner a family meal where your daughter sees her full family enjoying all the foods served on the table and is encouraged to try new foods
8. Avoid giving juices and high sugar foods between meals as they kill appetite. Child should be sufficiently hungry to try new foods.
9. Don’t panic and yell when the child doesn’t eat other foods. The child may then associate mealtimes with stress. Be patient as this very condition is very common and resolves itself over time.
10. Don’t give up trying. It takes many exposures to a new food before a child may even taste it.
Regarding the bloating of stomach and constipation, you may follow these tips:
a. Check for gluten allergy (allergy of wheat & wheat products) which may be the cause.
b. Offer her fibrous foods like vegetables, fruits and whole grains.
c. Add a little flaxseed powder to her diet.
d. Give her prune juice or orange juice to ease constipation.
e. Kiwi fruit and sour oranges have been known to ease constipation.
f. Feed her probiotics such as curd.
g. Give her a little warm water on waking up.
Hope these guidelines help to ease out your problem!



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