My daughter will be 3 this August but she still doesn't eat.. I have to force feed her and she won't even swallow without water.. She'll keep the food in her mouth no matter what.. Feeding her is a huge task as of now.. The only thing she likes is milk.. But there is a problem here too.. If she's full and even she sees milk she can vomit.. (could be someone else's glass/milk bottle too).. Even if she cries, she vomits.. She goes to school now, and now it's becoming a real problem because she has her milk before going to school and when we leave she keeps crying the whole time and then she vomits.. I'm scared to send her to school also now.. However I try to feed her an hour early before school which helps to some extent but then she's starving till she's back.. I really don't know what to do.. Please help!!

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