my kid is 9 n half yr old . he happened to ask his dad the meaning of the word "sex" and when he didn't get appropriate answer from his dad he googled it .. now after watching it in the absence of us at home he got scared of being caught . but he after 3-4 himself told us thy he watched such videos now he is unable to watch nude body on the screen n he says he is getting conscious n he wants me to be near to him always pls suggest me how do I get him of tht fear which he isn't expressing .. sometimes he also thinks tht I will be shocked now n something will happened to me as .. I was a little shocked when he expressed me tht he watched porn. but later I counselled him but still he is having thy fear .. which he is unable to express

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Updated on Apr 19, 2020

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I can understand how you may be feeling right now.It is more commonly seen that parents discuss stories about children’s first teeth and first steps but no one is seen to discuss about a child’s sexual development. This is understandable, as it is often seen as a very personal aspect of a person’s growth and development. Yet this lack of general knowledge about what is ‘normal’ sexual development can lead to unnecessary anxiety about children’s interest in nudity, ‘rude’ things and sex. Don’t wait for your child to ask questions. If they haven’t said anything to you by the time they are 10, it is likely that shyness or embarrassment will stop them from this point on. Certainly it is important to start the conversation by the time they are eight or nine. If your child hasn’t asked, you could try starting with a question such as: ‘Have you ever wondered how you were born?’ start a conversation with boys and girls about ‘growing up’ and changing bodies. Make sure your child knows who they can talk to about embarrassing personal stuff. As till date you were not open to him about this topic he must be feeling embarassed thats why he is acting this way. Assure him , talk to him and create a comfort zone for him and tell him that this all is a natural process and there is no harm in talking about that. He should have so much trust on you that he can come to you anytime dor his queries related to the topic. Take Care

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