My kid is now of 3+ years. She suck her thumb for a long time. without that she can't sleep also. tell me a solution

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Updated on Oct 13, 2019

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Answer: read this blog to know all about thumb sucking. Thumb sucking at this age has to be broken as soon as possible. It will interfere with the jaw development and teeth alignment. It is alright to be firm and strict when it comes to breaking this habit. You can try these steps 1. Buy Mavala Stop nail polish that is available at Amazon. It is clear and bitter. You can apply it on her thumb 2. Observe when she is thumbsucking - before good or sleep ? Set a timer and see if you can prevent manually. 3. Tie a complicated bandage to prevent 4. The most effective would be to show her some you tube videos on the ill effects of thumb sucking. A video sends a stronger message. 5. Set a timer for every hour. If ehe has not sucked her thumb ,appreciate her by rewarding a sticker. Create a sticker chart. When she collects ten or twenty then you can treat her 6. Put on gloves and then tie a bandage. Make it difficult for her to suck her thumb. I hope this helps. All the best and do keep us posted.

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