My last question was a bit incomplete . I am trying to complete it. my son has concern with speech as he does not copy what I want to make him repeat or to make him learn. does not interact at all and least interested in speech related learning. love to watch TV and very selective in making friends. currently getting him counselled by speech therapist. he loves very selective toys and keep himself engaged in playing with those unlimited hours. if kept free , he is hyperactive and does not sit calm and becomes restless within a minute. to fight with his concertation part we have started giving him color task in copy, matching things by line dot joining to make numbers etc to get him engaged which had worked well . he can now sit more than 1 hour if engaged with these activities. however I am still concerned on how to create an interest environment for him to speak or to copy my words. I am sure if he starts copying me and cooperate and my wife will pull him from all difficulty. pls suggest some home therapy. small tips etc

Created by Rupesh Raut
Updated on Mar 29, 2017

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