My son crying for everything if we don't give something he asks for. he is not listening to us we are not able to understand how to explain him

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Updated on Feb 17, 2018

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Are you talking about your son who is two years old From 2-3 the period is called terrible twos:). Do not take it personally. He is learning to mind his own mind. He will want to be independent. Offer choices to him I know it is tough but you have to be very patient. His behaviour is just attention seeking. For children attention is equal to love. Every year there will be changes. He is bringing out his identity and independence. You have to be understanding and see from his perspective. He is exploring and curious. You have two children. He needs his share of exclusive attention. So make a ritual of spending exclusive 30-45 min with him. Play with him All the best and do keep us posted. Please find some inputs on how could you foster learning for your toddler. All the best and do keep us posted.

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