my son get angry very soon he overweight 54 kg now but ask me 4 sweets often if l say no he gets angry l don't like u l Will hit someone n shout with loud tone sometime he cross his limit then I shout at him not 2 yell he say I will shout how 2 deal with him

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Updated on Aug 05, 2018

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We have to role model the behaviour we expect from our children. He is a pre teen so his behaviour and attitude will change. Instead of cutting down sweets or nagging him it would be good to enroll him in outdoor activities. Since you live in Panaji there would be local football clubs where he can be coached and also play. Or enrol in a martial art. Discipline will set in automatically. From now on your tone and behaviour will also have to change as the journey is different with a teen. It is normal to crave for sugar and junk food. Substitute sweets with dry fruits like date, fig, raisin, peach apricot etc. keep them in small quantities at home to fulfill his natural craving. Show him little videos on obesity , diabetes etc to coach him. Plan a daily walk with him. Spend this time walking and chatting. Body image is a sensitive topic for all. Hence build his self esteem and gradually win him over. Enlist your husband’s help in playing outdoors during weekends. Take the help of his PT teacher at school. Keep your kitchen and fridge with nutritious food. Keep a lot of fruits. A fruit is better than the juice. Use humour while talking to him. Give him options to choose from. Take him on walks or car drives to engage in conversation as teen boys prefer to beside you while talking. Make this once a week ritual. During such talks gently broach the topic of his future goal. Then guide him on reaching his goals and assure your support. create a dinner ritual where each of you share your daily experiences. Be more accepting and patient with the changes. Please be more appreciative. Sit down with him and set a routine. Break his study time into slots of 45 min study and 5 min break. Treat him to an extra hour of play in the weekend if he completes his tasks for the week. Please read this - I hope this helps.

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