My son is 1. 5years old. Actually he is my first child and because of lack of guardian advise and proper care I really faced some problems in his up bringing. I couldn't breastfed him properly because of lactation problem. He was mostly fed on formula for 2 months and cow's milk after 2 months. After six months I started giving him solids and cerelac. His physical growth is quite good. He started walking in just 11 months. But I m concerned about his mental development. He started ackloging things and responding very late, about after one year. At present he understood most of my commands and also learns well. But he didn't speak yet and I feel that most of children of his age are quite ahead of him in learning and understanding. Their understanding level is much more than him. Is these symptoms are usual and normal or I should cunsult to a doctor for his proper mental growth and development. Please suggest.

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Updated on Jul 02, 2018

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