My son is 10 years and he had a very little attention span. As suggested by the School , we got an assessment done with the child psychologists. They assessed him and found his IQ is above average for this age group and his only concern is attention span which ADHD. Hence they suggested behavioral therapy and give us some tips how to handle this. Can I get some more ideas how to help my son to overcome this.

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I understand your concern. The key here is to help your child to improve concentration levels. This would be a gradual process, and you will need all the patience to make this work. Here are a few tips - 1) You need to act like an executive planner and organizer for the child, and help in giving a structure to a day. 2) Make an effort to be compassionate and patient 3) You need to keep up with their own health by eating right , adequate sleep and exercise everyday to keep stress at a bay. Only a healthy you will be able to help your child with studies. 4) You need to create and sustain a structure at home like having a simple and predictable rules for homework, bed, and play time. Also you can use clocks, timers etc to notify the child to switch to the next task. 5) You can set clear rules and consequences. Your child can write down the rules and hang them in a place visible to the child, explain to the child in detail, refrain from criticizing and give appropriate feedback for negative result and praise often as it helps in positive reinforcement. 6) You can encourage sports and sleep : choose a sport that requires constant motion like football , basketball etc . On the other hand, slower and contained activities like yoga and martial arts can help improve mental control. This will help in studies as well. 6) Monitor your child’s meals: regular meals with fresh fruits is important while keeping junk food at bay. 7) Having a pet can work wonders. It teaches a child to be more responsible and outgoing. 8) You can help in improving your child's social skills and interactions. You can teach children not to encourage or tolerate gestures like hitting, pushing, or yelling while playing. Also, reward the child with praises for good and desired behavior especially with studies. I hope these give you some ideas. All the best and do revert to us in case you need further help

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