my son is 12 years old he is aggressive and whenever i am not at home he quarrell with some or the other person of home as we live in a join family and I m working women . when I come back to home l have to listen complains about him . he misbehaves with everyone . is it OK if I change his school and keep away from us. to grandma s home

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Updated on Apr 05, 2017

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He is nearing teens so this kind of behaviour is not abnormal. Please could you take him out and talk to him. Try to understand from his point of view why he is getting angry. Also verify with him about the complaints. Some complaints can be ignored. Do not take it out on him always. At this stage he needs you so keeping him away may not work. Keep a special time on weekends to hang out with him- just you and him. Listen to him. Be gentle. Talk openly to him. Tell him of the expected behaviour. Reward him when he does well. He is missing you and is seeking attention. It is very important to spend quality time with him

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