My son is 16 years old.. Fear of failure and lesser attention span are his biggest problems. we have tried counselling sessions from various Psychologists. But the problem is bringing him to those sessions are always challenging.. Also most of the celebrated Psychologists whom we have taken him revert to us ' Don't Yield' . Beyond that all these Psychologist are just making money and we do not find them.. The problem is if we are firm , he becomes extremely violent and disturbs the peace of the family by attacking his sister and mom.. The family is relieved only he sleeps.. His sleeping pattern are quite late in the night. He does not want to get up is because he goes thru depression in himself.. He is reasonably intelligent and smart with all the gadgets and the new gen exposure in technologies but hate studies and dificult to come within a pattern or system. we are based out of chennai.. we take them out quite frequently for vacation etc.. and try to give a relaxed environment at home to destress. we are very liberal parents and rarely push for academic rigor. We evaluated for ADHD and also did all the Dyslexia tests and many more Psychometric assesments but nothing came out negatively... But still managing him is the biggest challenge today. As parents, we do not react much, neither argue.. only when the situation is turning violent which impact the weaker people at home, I raise my voice to save them... Our family is a normal middle class family with love and bonding but for this... Since last 3 years this problem has been aggravating day by day.. He is a talented singer, very good sportsman.. But due to all his tantrums and depresssion, he is not actively pursuing those interests anymore though we keep on encouraging him to do.. I am thinking whether to put him in a good residential school will help just to save the others at home.. That being so expensive we are not sure he run away from that after a month or so which is more likely.. There were instances he vanishes at odd hours in the night after violent mood but every time he calls later and informs where he is... Looking for some good suggestions which can be even some good Psychologist who can pay personal attention to the serious issue we are facing and not one more tick box fellow who would eventually blame the parents ' Dont Yield'...

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Updated on Oct 23, 2015

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