my son is 2. 6 yrs old,wo apne toys through krta h or tod deta h kbhi gusse me b ye krta h ,use kaise handle kru sometimes nhi smjh aata.

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my son is 2. 6 yrs old,wo apne toys through krta h or tod deta h kbhi gusse me b ye krta h ,use kaise handle kru sometimes nhi smjh aata.

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The age of two is called terrific two or terrible two. It is a trying time. Do not take it personally. At this age tantrums are normal. It is not manipulative mostly. It is to do with something that is frustrating him. Observe and see what is bringing the tantrum. Are you saying No too often? Are you very anxious? Are you giving him quality attention? He does not know to express emotion so he expresses through tantrums. He wants to express but does not know how to. What you could do: 1. Be calm- do not give in to his tantrums. You ha e to be calm and patient. Be near. If he allows hold him or hug him gently. Once he is calm you can explain,' you were angry because. It is ok. Let me see how I can help you. Don't worry. I am there ok ' If he rolls around and cries then move away slightly. Observe from a distance to ensure he is safe. Come back to him when he is calm And talk. If he is hitting out or throwing stuff immediately carry him away from there. Let him wail and cry it out. Then explain calmly that you carried him out 'because he hit. It is ok to be angry but not ok to hit.' 2. Pay attention to his routine. Is he getting enough sleep, rest and food? Often children throw tantrums when they are tired. 3. Offer limited choices. At this age they like to be in control. Instead of saying you have to eat now , ask if he will eat then or in ten min. And see that you respect his choice. 4. Prepare them mentally. They get so absorbed while playing and if you remove them for some other take they will howl. So tell in advance that " we will be going out as soon as daddy comes so finish up this game in ten min ok. Talk to your child as he is a little person now. Use simple language. 5. Most important is pay attention to your child for only then you will understand his triggers. Do read this for better understanding I hope these give you some ideas.

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