my son is 25 days old. I am finding it difficult to understand whether I am feeding sufficient quantity of milk to my baby? maintaining exact interval is also little difficult as he will be sleeping. what should be the minimum duration for which i should feed my baby when the flow of milk is normal.

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Updated on Nov 11, 2016

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you may feed every two hours or before it , if the baby is hungry. Normally a baby might sleep while taking the feed, you need to nudge him on the side of his forehead/tickle his heal to keep him sucking. You should also feed on both the sides for equal duration, that is 10 minutes at one side and another 10 minutes on the other side. If the milk flow is good, 20-25 minutes would be sufficient. Milk production or lactation is also dependent on sucking by the baby. The more the baby feeds, the more the milk is produced.

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