My son is 3 years 6months old. He is the only child in the family. He plays alone very well in the home but in play area he can't. When he is playing with the other children he runs after them although they are teasing him and make him to cry and he doesn't have any leadership quality.

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Updated on May 19, 2017

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Your child may be just shy. It is too soon for you to judge him on leadership qualities. Leadership is an acquired skill. Provide him a nurturing environment. From what you have mentioned he has no trouble making friends or to play with others. All you need to teach him is to be assertive to avoid being bullied. Teach him to be assertive: example 1. To look into the eyes of the bully and say loudly STOP IT. 2. Move away from the situation 3. Immediately seek the help of an elder nearby. 4. At home create a game where you and him play. The game should be on power and control. So you pretend to be a monster and you are trying to catch him. Please make sure the game is fun and not to instill fear. when he is escaping or trying to put up a brave stand, praise him and say,' oh my you are so powerful. .. Through such games and even stories you can subtly teach him how to be assertive. Sometime he may express his fears indirectly or directly. Be a good listener and help him understand his emotions.

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