My son is 3 years old ...He falls sick after every 10-15 days ... he gets cold and cought very frequently ?? what should I do make his immunity stronger? Please suggest I am really worried???

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Updated on Dec 17, 2016

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give good quality proteins from eggs, meat, poultry, cheese, paneer, soybean (nuggets, soymilk, tofu) whole dals, beans & legumes. Include nuts like walnut, almonds, peanuts, dried fruits(dates, raisins, currants apricots)and seed (flaxseed, sesame, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds) in daily diet. Use whole gains like bajra, dalia, ragi, sprouted beans. Do give some vegetables from these daily amla, green leafy vegetables, spinach, broccoli, Do give some fruits from these guava, strawberries, citrus fruits like orange, mausami, lemon.

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