My son is 3 yrs old. He is very much attracted to watch cartoons and such movies on phone or Laptop. Though it is our fault . Because we introduced these to him. When he was not exposed to these he was interested in saying rhymes and reading out alphabets etc. , at the age of 1or 1and half. But now he doesn't want to take part in these even I try to do it in a play full way. He can't identify alphabets which he used to do with ease. Now pls help me to get his attention back to his books. As he will go to nursery next year,he will have to be a little more attentive to studies. One more thing, he can't identify a b c d ... if asked " which alphabet is this?". but if i ask where is a or b ... he easily identifies it . Pls pls suggest how to reduce his attraction for screen ? I will try every possible way to get him out of it. Pls help me. We have not bought TV only to avoid these things. Let me inform you one more thing, he gets to watch phone or laptop only after 8 o clock but things get problematic if we try to limit it to 1 hour . So pls help me.

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Updated on Oct 26, 2017

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I suggest you have an assessment done by a clinical psychologist or a special educator regarding his reading ability. Do read this blog, this may be what you were looking for. All the best and do keep us posted.

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