my son is 3yrs3months old. initially he took a lonv time to settle in school as i made him sit in playgroup at the age of 2 later on every thing was settled he is in nursery now in play school only very good in studies but he has phases of not going to school once in two months and this time he is saying his classmates are hitting him .i have confirmed from his class teacher principal and alsi his classmates nobidy hits him if anybody touches him by mistake of their elbow is touched to his notebook he starts crying k mujhe mara. initially he use to take name of few kids now says sab ne mara... hr dosent want to go to school keeps on crying has become a big struggle for me to send him school daily for last 3days he is not even eating his favourite lunch in school he says i cried entire day although he participates in class activities finishes in writing oral and all work.. according to his teacher he is a shy child he dont communicate with his classmates even when he is with us and meet strangers he hesitates to talk although i take him to park but he hardly havr people of his age group their also he just like to ait with me and watch others play... what to do how to make him go to school happily i have tried bribing him scolding him handeling with affection.. these days he has also developed interest in cartoon he wants to see cartoon for entire day... also want to know how to make reduce his introvertness

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Updated on Oct 26, 2017

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Hi Gauri Baijal, He is experiencing separation anxiety. Persist in your routine. It is a temporary...

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