My son is 4. 5 years old and doesn't recognise alphabets. All other kids in his class are able to recognise. what can I do to make him grab this ,even I have tried funway by phonics and videos but he doesn't show any interest. please help.

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Updated on Dec 12, 2019

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I understand your concern. Have you asked his teachers ? If they feel there’s a concern then you could consult a special educator. He may be experiencing reading and writing difficulties. If his teachers say there is no need to worry then may be you could wait a while. Some children are late bloomers. Meanwhile keep trying. Rather than videos use flash cards, worksheets , alphabet puzzles and games, letter cutouts, cut out from newspaper, play doh or clay or roti flour to teach. Use crayons and water colours to colour on worksheets. MAke it incentive based. Reward a star. When he collects seven stars you could treat him. All the best.

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