my son is 4 and half yrs old, hr has grown stubborn, his grandfather is used to abusive language all the time, and as we try to make him understand the things correctly, his grandfather lures him for something and he gets carried away. he doesn't listen to us now. he has already started using abusive language and it seems that we are helpless due to family conditions. they don't even let him sleep on time. please help me how to take my child out of this mess as the elders are stubborn and we can't negotiate with them.

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Updated on Sep 15, 2017

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It is rather a difficult sitauation. Would you be able to convince your husband ? Try to go out for a while with him and share your concerns. Use a gentle tone and not a complaining one. Ask him to help you resolve this. This way he will take charge and may talk to his parents. Or Share your concerns with your son's class teacher. Take her into confidence. During the next PTM the teacher can mention to your husband that your child's language needs to be taken care of. Setting a routine would be useful for your child. Can you request your mother in law to help you out here? Tell her that he will listen to only her and enlist her help in putting him to sleep early

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