my son is 4 month old. i m breastfeeding him but i want him to have the habit of bottle milk also as i have to rejoin my job in after 3 months. but he doesnot suck bottle and cries everytym i try. plzz help

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Updated on Nov 14, 2018

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Exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months will help in healthy growth of your baby. It will protect him from various diseases, prevent allergies plus help in brain development. Even if you are starting to resume your work, you can pump out your milk and store in fridge and ask caretaker to feed baby in your absence,. You can use bottle or cup and spoon. If bay is not liking bottle, try getting the one with softer nipple, if that also does not work, the use cup and spoon. But in any case DO NOT STOP BREASTFEEDING..

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