My son is 4 years old and my neighbour's daughter is 7 years. She keep scratching my so and hits him all the time. Whenever her mother talks to my kids she keeps using bloody. My 8 years old daughter is very uncomfortable with this. I tired talking to my neighbour about a d she got defensive. I have asked my kids not to play with her but when I am not home they take a snik Today again that girl has scratched my son all over and her mother is saying its my son's fault as because of him she couldn't watch tv. Problem is my son doesn't listen to me and he wants to play with her no matter what. Please guide me to best handle this situation

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Updated on May 09, 2017

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Well you cannot control others' children's behaviour. You can reform your child's behaviour and routine. Enroll your son in some extra curricular class so that he is suitable engaged. You could even hire tutors to teach him art or music at home. Take the older one's help to ensure that they do not sneak out. You could lock your door so that they cannot go out.

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