My son is 9yrs and he is studying in 2nd std he is topper in his class and he read very well orally he is good but in writing part he is very slow as he takes more time to write his homework and both classwork and he is very naughty in both school and home some his classwork will also be incomplete and his handwriting is also not much good so please suggest what should I do in this case

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Updated on Mar 23, 2017

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Hi Poornima, Give him some time to improve writing. Observe his writing and guide him to make the changes. example: are his letters of the same size? Is he leaving one finger space between words? Buy different pencils and pens. See which he is comfortable holding and then he can make the changes. Put up a chart or a small white board at home where he can practise at home. Please set a routine for him. Allow him to play after he returns for 1 hour. Set a time period to study for 1-1.15 hours. Be gentle and firm that he has to follow the routine. Set time box for him. One time box is 45 minutes and 5 minute break. Have 2 such time boxes for him. To make him interested in writing, place any of these : a board/ chart/colour paper/ colour pens. Sit beside him and you do some writing task so that he will copy your behaviour. When he completes studying or writing give him a sticker. When he gets 7 stickers give him a reward.

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