My son is in class 1 this year. He is very good at Maths. We don't need to work hard to teach him this subject. My brother's children are taking Olympia exams since past many years. So I also thought of enrolling my son for those exams right from 1st class. I have applied for Science, Maths and English, all the three Olympiads for him this year. I have bought all the three preparation books for him. Those books contain 4 choices types of questions. Choosing 1 option out of 4 is a game sort of thing for him. So he is only interested in just ticking the option. I want him to first read and understand each and every question and then decide which option is best. Throughout my explanations of the question and why the chosen option is correct one, he doesn't take any interest in that process. All he wants is just an option to tick. For Maths subject, for the easy questions though, he learns the logic and selects right option but for reasoning, he is behaving options only way. I don't know how to tackle this. Any suggestions?

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and is mostly aware of answering questions with a description or writing himself. right! Now imagine, he's got a chance to read the answers- 4 answers against a question and choose....he loves ticking, as that is partly a high for him, to do something his teachers did and also because it's fun to tick. right! Now, the key lies in helping him understand what happens after he ticks, is what he ticked going to have a result? How do you showcase that? You basically break the preparation material into tests of 10 questions each, and have the answer keys with you. Let him take the test and tick. Explain him the rules of the test right in the beginning. Like he can tick only one option, the correct option shall get him a star and the wrong answer shall get him nothing. After he takes the test, asses his test paper question by question and ask him how did he guess the right answer - the reasoning behind it- listen to him patiently. If right option but wrong reasoning, than show him the answer keys with the worked out solutions, or better if you do it your self for him. He will start realizing the result/ after affect. If he scores all stars, reward him, don't not make it fun,even if he doesn't get it right. Encourage this cycle each time to understand the reasoning behind through answer keys and help him learn to crack it. Keep all the stress at bay. Make it fun! :) Your child will understand stars/smileys for the correct tick with time. Hope this helps!

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