my son is in class 9.. and he wants to become an IAS officer. Please give me some tips for her.

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Updated on May 08, 2018

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Please keep in mind that his interest and ambition can change. Change is also good. what is important now is to inculcate the right study habits and values. With good study habits, one can be successful in an academic journey. Setting a routine , allowing time for study / play is much needed. Good study habits will ensure him being among the top 5 in class. This will also ensure good score in the boards. To qualify for IAS one has to complete undergraduation. Undergraduation can be done in any degree - engineering , medicine , art, science, math etc. What would help now is - inculcate good reading habit- encourage books to newspaper. Reading newspaper is very important It will help in preparing for the IAS exam. Encourage writing skills. A strong foundation in English is essesntial. I hope these give you some ideas.

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