my son is nt drinking milk nor hez taking solid food properly plz give suggestions

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Updated on May 02, 2016

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you have not specified the age of your son, so use following suggestions according to your child's age only. To help in his milk intake, these are few suggestions. You may flavour the milk with natural flavourings like elaichi powder, kesar, dates syrup etc. If the child above 2 years you may use flavoured milk supplements. You may give in the form of fruit shakes like mango/banana/cheeku/apple shake. You may even try giving milk in the form of porridges/kheer/custards. Other alternatives to milk are curd/yogurt, paneer/cheese, buttermilk/lassi, soymilk (above 5 years of age), tofu etc. For more ideas, you may read up the blog on alternatives to milk. Link given below Few suggestions to help him solids are though milkk is an important component of balanced diet, it should be given in limited amounts. Fix the child's meal timings and keep gap of minimum 2-3 hours Don't force feed the child. Few recipe ideas Stuffed subzi parantha with curd. Cheese/paneer/egg/chicken with vegetables cutlets/ sandwich. Chicken/soyanuggets with vegetables pulao. Cereal with milk & fruit. Besan,suji & vegetable cheela Fruit filled pancake/muffin. Hope this helps.

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