My son is studying in class 7th where there is a group of 4 students who used to tease him during all his school time and bullying him frequently. Also one of them is used to hit him hard on his back. Also when he is not feeling well and he is in a head down position on his desk in a class during zero period these students used to pull his hairs from the back bench, they don't even bothered to pinch him with the divider. Request you to advice us as my son is neither able to focus on his studies nor he wants to go to the school anymore. We have received all these from the third person, my son was afraid of telling all these because of bullying from these group of students.

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This is indeed a matter of great concern. Obviously he must be hating and fearing to go to school. Please take this to the highest authority and. confide in the teachers and seek their help to put an immediate stop. Teach him to be assertive: example 1. To look into the eyes of the bully and say loudly STOP IT. 2. Move away from the situation 3. Immediately seek the help of an elder or teacher nearby. 4. At home create a game where you and him play. The game should be on power and control. So you pretend to be a monster and you are trying to catch him. Please make sure the game is fun and not to instill fear. when he is escaping or trying to put up a brave stand, praise him and say,' oh my you are so powerful. .. Through such games and even stories you can subtly teach him how to be assertive. 5. Invite his classmates home for a small get together- his friends- observe the dynamics. Get them to help your child when in trouble. If all of them Come together it would stop the bullying. 6. Do consult a counsellor or so lay therapist to help him overcome this situation. Sometime he may express his fears indirectly or directly. Be a good listener and help him understand his emotions. I hope these give you some ideas.

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