My son is very adamant and does listen to any one in the family, its mainly because of over pampering from grand parents, how do i tackle discipline issues in him.

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Updated on May 30, 2013

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It so happens at times that as parents, we try to inculcate good habits, but then it slips away due to lack of consistency with some fellow family members. Children test us at times to see whether they may get away with it. It is times like these that "collaborative parenting" is crucial. Consistency in parenting/foster parenting/grand parenting is crucial for this. We suggest that you seek the support from your son's grand parents and his father, by being patient and explaining them how being consistent on discipline is important between all family members as otherwise, your son would pick bad habits as he knows that there is someone who's linient and shall help him get away... also inconsistent parenting styles lead to a confused child.. so either ways, its in your son's interest that all of you be consistent in your expectations and behaviour with him. Do keep us posted about the development.

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