My son is very careless. He speaks right but write wrong. Some time right also.

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Updated on Mar 20, 2016

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he is observing and learning various concepts. It so happens that each child has a unique style to their expression, and a few children may do it better verbally, whereas a few need to explain it through actions or supporting material like pictures and so on. Writing is one such form where the child is putting forward his understanding and it may so happen that the child may miss on expressing himself the way he wanted. In such situations, the child needs reassurance and guidance to correct it, and a simple concept of using the eraser and pencil helps in a big way in these initial primary years. On the other hand, it may happen so that the child is in a hurry to attempt the question or to do it fast before understanding the question, It's here that you could coach your child with simple exercises to first understand the question properly and then attempt the answer. Also, please read this blog for some handy tips to improve your child's concentration.

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