my son is weak in maths ... how to teach him addition . facing a lot of problems ... please help

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Updated on Mar 09, 2018

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You may want to make math more visual and corelatable from a day-to-day examples basis. Use everyday objects to teach addition. For e. g. imagine learning about a cone or a circle through a Pizza and then getting to understand the formula behind it. Similarly using various cases and examples which use math to solve issues/problems. It would be great if you could also introduce your child to vedic maths or abbacus as it will help his understanding on the concepts, beyond textbooks. Most importantly, be patient and support your child in his fear of math by being there for him and by answering his doubts/queries. Often children associate the subject with the teacher so if the teacher does not make the subject interesting especially math , the subject can become terrifying. You could try the following to evoke your son'sinterest for math. 1. Children learn from their surroundings, so start with his room, and introduce vaious aspects of math in his room from the angle of the door or window to the corner shelf. 2. Pick examples, problems and discussion from day-to-day life situation. for e. g. on your trip for grocerry shopping, you could introduce your child to the concept of budget and how to work backwards from a set budget to then pick various items as per their price/value. 3. emrolling him in abacus classes or Vedic math will help strengthen his concepts. 4. Teach math through games and activities. There are interactive works sheets available on the internet. There are good video tutorial on all topics as per grade level. Remove his fear of math and he will get better. 5. You could hire a tutor too. Do read this blog. hope this helps! All the best and do keep us posted. I hope this helps. All the best and do keep us posted. I hope this helps.

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