my son show no interest in writing... he dont hold pencil ...i keep on teaching him.. he dont sit for single moment... he is stubborn... donot listen to us

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Updated on Jul 26, 2017

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First strengthen his fingers which can be done like this: Tracing letters on sand or bed of salt or rice Tracing letters on sand paper Holding objects between theumb and index finger. Playing with playdoh Don't force him to write. Allot ten minutes everyday for writing. Make him write on a white board or slate. As his grip improves you can teach him to draw various types of lines and curves. Then he can begin letters. Be patient. Each child has his pace. He maybe stubborn because you are not understanding his difficulties. You could also have an assessment done by a child psychologist for writing difficulties if you feel there is no improvement in the next six months. Please do read this blog for some handy tips to improve writing. All the best and do keep us posted.

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