My son very good at education but without shouting he didnt do any thing

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Updated on Jul 06, 2017

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If he is good then you do not need to shout. In fact shouting or spanking has a negative impact on the child. He is learning that shouting is the way to deal with situations. Hence it would be good to teach yourself to be calm. When you feel the irritation, move away from the room and take a few deep breaths or drink a glass of water and then come back to him. Set a routine for him. Allot time slots for each of his activity. Each slot can be 30 min study and 5 min break. Prepare a checklist and put it up where he can tick off as he completes. If he finishes for the day appreciate his efforts and give a star. When he collects 7 stars give him a treat - an extra hour of play in the weekend. Set consequences too. Do not stress yourself and in turn stress him. Take care.

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