My son will be 4 years old in this November. He is good in replying to oral questions. But he does not want to write. When I ask him to write, he seems to be in another world and does not listen to what I say. He does not want to colour also. I have tried to make the writing experience innovative by involving activities. But it is of no help. He does not even sit at one place to try to write. But, sometimes he writes little when his father and his teacher make him to write. I try to be very patient with him but still he is reluctant to write with me. Moreover, we are trying for his admission in an affiliated school as he is studying in Montessori school now. On one instance, he failed to appear for the interview as the kids were separated from their parents. He feels very insecure, it seems whenever he is in a new environment. In another instance, he did not sit at one place to give the answers to the interview questions. He was regarded as hyperactive by the Principal of that school. What can be the possible solutions to these problems?

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Updated on Oct 14, 2017

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I suggest you consult a special educator or a clinical psychologist for professional opinion.

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